publication date: Feb. 21, 2020

Looking Back

25 years ago: Here is The Cancer Letter’s coverage of Michael Milken’s 1995 cancer summit

This story begins our occasional series looking back at the history of oncology since the signing of the National Cancer Act of 1971. The Cancer Letter was founded in 1973.


Milken Calls For Renewed War On Cancer, $20 Billion A Year International Effort

By Paul Goldberg

Since his cancer diagnosis three years ago, financier Michael Milken has been studying the inefficiencies and opportunities in cancer research.

Last week, at a Washington conference called the National Cancer Summit, Milken presented the synthesis of his findings and revealed what may be the most ambitious cancer research agenda ever.

While in recent years NCI officials have shied away from bold military allusions, all but dropping the rhetoric of”The War On Cancer,” Milken last week returned to the war path, calling for a new $20 billion-a-year worldwide assault on the disease.

The money could come from the US government, industry, charitable foundations and other nations, Milken said. In a nutshell, Milken argued, the War on Cancer has not been given the same commitment, energy and investment as defense and information technology, and, for that reason it has not yielded comparable returns of wealth and glory. Make cancer a priority, adapt research to the age of information, streamline the unwieldy regulatory mechanisms, and dazzling returns will surely follow.

The astronomical figure proposed by Milken did not seem to r!lise any eyebrows among the over 200 prominent cancer researchers, clinicians and patient advocates who attended the summit Nov. 14.

“It’s not very … Continue reading 25 years ago: Here is The Cancer Letter’s coverage of Michael Milken’s 1995 cancer summit

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