publication date: Feb. 14, 2020

Funding Opportunities

NETRF awards $3.5M to advance neuroendocrine tumor treatment

The Neuroendocrine Tumor Research Foundation provided $3.5 million in neuroendocrine tumor research grants to 12 projects to find more precise treatments for the cancer.

NETRF awarded Steven Libutti of Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey the Petersen Accelerator Award to characterize a novel immune regulator called B7x to determine whether it has a role in shutting off the body’s immune response to fight against pancreatic NETs.

NETRF gave out $26 million in research funding during the past 15 years, and has helped to establish the NET knowledge base needed to expand the exploration of improved treatments, the organization said.

This round of funding features multiple new fronts for NETRF. The foundation granted two inaugural Mentored Awards for early career researchers, one of which was funded by an educational grant from Ipsen. For the first time, NETRF is funding pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma research, including an evaluation of a novel radiotracer for imaging adrenal NETs.

NETRF also funded four research projects in lung NETs, an area that has not previously received the attention of other NET sites. These lung studies include:

Conducting single-cell genomic analyses to understand how lung NETs form, grow, and spread.

Mapping the cellular networks of typical and atypical lung NETs to find biomarkers that help predict a tumor’s aggressiveness.

Characterizing the molecular makeup of a newly identified, aggressive lung NET called “supra-carcinoid.”

Determining the sociodemographic and geographic patterns of lung NETs in California.

“Advances in NET research have been hampered by the lack of effective laboratory disease models, and a limited understanding of the molecular and genetic profiles of NETs,” John … Continue reading NETRF awards $3.5M to advance neuroendocrine tumor treatment

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