publication date: Jan. 10, 2020

NCI advisors approve seven concepts at joint NCAB/BSA meeting

By Alex Carolan

The NCI Board of Scientific Advisors has approved seven new and reissue concepts—Requests for Applications, Requests for Proposals, and PARs.

The following concepts, presented at the Dec. 3 joint meeting with the National Cancer Advisory Board, were approved:

Research to Reduce Morbidity and Improve Care for Pediatric and AYA Cancer Survivors (Clinical Trial Optional) (RFA)

The purpose of this RFA is to solicit mechanistic, observational and interventional proposals, to address the full spectrum of STAR Act priorities for pediatric/AYA cancer survivors. Part of the goal is to encourage and prioritize research relevant to disparities and underserved populations.

The RFA, submitted by the NCI’s Division of Cancer Control & Population Sciences, will address the six priority areas of the STAR Act:

Survivor outcomes

Familial, socioeconomic, and environmental factors

Risk factors, predictors and molecular basis identification

Barriers to follow-up care

Indicators used for long-term follow-up

Targeted interventions to reduce the burden of morbidity

The RFA will be funded through R01 and R21 grants. The RFA is requesting $5 million total annual costs for each of two receipt dates. Unsuccessful applications from the initial RFA can apply.


The Metastasis Research Network (MetNet) (RFA/Coop. Agr.)

The MetNet RFA’s purpose is to advance metastasis research and pursue a comprehensive and mechanistic understanding that accounts for the dynamic, non-linear, multi-scale physiological interactions required for metastasis.

The RFA, submitted by NCI’s Division of Cancer Biology, will develop a network of four to five metastasis research centers that will focus on the intersection … Continue reading NCI advisors approve seven concepts at joint NCAB/BSA meeting

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