publication date: Jun. 7, 2019

Conversation with The Cancer Letter

ASCO’s Miller: mCODE will improve downstream analytics with essential cancer data elements

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Robert S. Miller

Medical director, CancerLinQ®


The mCODE initiative, developed by American Society of Clinical Oncology and its partners, aims to optimize electronic health records to answer research questions on drug efficacy and patient outcomes.

The project, Minimal Common Oncology Data Elements, provides a list of data standards that can be incorporated within existing EHR systems—without reinventing the wheel, said  Robert Miller, medical director of ASCO’s CancerLinQ.

“I think our expectation is that by coalition-building, the oncology community would come together, and the potential value of a standardized solution like this would become apparent to all, and that vendors and other implementers would see the value and do this without a legislative fix,” Miller said.

“We tried to find the sweet spot with mCODE, which is to say that we know that if we built a very clunky, heavy, millions-of-data-elements data standard that would require clinicians to spend even more time entering data into the EHR, it wasn’t going to be successful.

“So, we emphasize the ‘m’ in mCODE, which is minimal, which is saying these are the most important things that everyone should do.”


Miller spoke with Paul Goldberg, editor and publisher of The Cancer Letter.


Paul Goldberg:

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