publication date: Jan. 11, 2019

NCI advisors approve 7 concepts, including 2 Moonshot concepts

By Claire Dietz

The NCI Board of Scientific Advisors approved five Requests for Applications, as well as two Cancer Moonshot concepts, at a joint meeting with the National Cancer Advisory Board on Dec. 4, 2018.

One Cancer Moonshot concept, “Technologies Development for Use in Next Generation Cancer Models,” was deferred.

The following concepts were approved:

Cellular Cancer Biology Imaging Research (“CCBIR” Program) (RFA, Coop. Agr.)

This RFA creates resource centers that facilitate both development and use of advanced imaging technologies at the subcellular to cellular length scale to address basic cancer research problems.

Also, the CCBIR Program is designed to foster a long-term, “collaborative community between cellular imaging technology developers and basic cancer biology researchers across the NCI portfolio.”

The RFA, submitted by the NCI Division of Cancer Biology, would utilize the UM1 Cooperative Agreement mechanism to connect technological, developmental, and end-user adopters in cancer biology research for cellular imaging.

The proposed structure of the program consists of three parts: cellular-scaled imaging technology innovation and development, community engagement, and research test bed, which provides wet-lab context for refinement of the technology.

The RFA asks for a $12 million budget spread out over five years, for a total of $60 million. Each UM1 would be “thematically centered” around an area that is deemed a basic research priority. The receipt would begin in July 2019, with start date of April 2020, and the program would be active through the fiscal year 2025.

Molecular and Biological Effects of High Linear Energy Transfer (High LET) Radiation Exposure (RFA, Coop. Agr.)

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