publication date: Jun. 22, 2018
Issue 25 - Jun. 22, 2018
  • Vinay Prasad, oncologist and Twitter star, locked in debate over precision medicine

    In recent years, Vinay Prasad, a young hematologist–oncologist at Oregon Health and Science University, has emerged as a premier critic of new directions in cancer medicine.

    In his view, cancer drugs are aimed at miniscule populations, approved way too easily, and priced too high.

  • Reviews of Prasad’s “thought experiment”

    As a reporter, I have no standing in settling scientific disputes.

    So, when Vinay Prasad and I hit the wall in our discussion of the assumptions he and a group of colleagues made in their provocative “thought experiment,” I decided to do what journals do—send the paper to peer reviewers.

  • Conversation with The Cancer Letter

    Prasad: FDA has confused merely approving drugs with making the world a better place

    have been following Vinay Prasad’s work for several years, agreeing with some of what he said, but never quite finding time to look carefully at his argumentation.

  • In Brief

    • Norman Coleman, Gay Crawford to receive NCCS Stovall Award for advancing patient-centered care
    • Marc Lippman, breast cancer expert, returns to Georgetown Lombardi
    • Laura Hutchins named interim director of UAMS Rockefeller Cancer Institute
  • Funding Opportunity

    DOD Prostate Cancer Research Program opportunities

    The FY18 Defense Appropriations Act provides $100 million to the Department of Defense Prostate Cancer Research Program to support innovative, high-impact prostate cancer research.

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  • Clinical Roundup

    • Kymriah shows more than one-year durable responses in relapsed or refractory DLBCL
    • Lonsurf improves OS in metastatic gastric cancer
    • Greater levels of vitamin D associated with decreasing risk of breast cancer
    • Diabetes diagnosis later in life may signal early pancreatic cancer in African-Americans and Latinos
    • Study finds emergency colon cancer surgery performed on weekends more likely to lead to complications
  • Drugs & Targets

    • FDA to review BRACAnalysis CDx sPMA as companion diagnostic for Talazoparib
    • China’s drug agency approves Opdivo for previously treated NSCLC
    • Natera, Institut Jules Bordet to collaborate on neoadjuvant breast cancer assay

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