publication date: Jun. 8, 2018

In Brief

J&J Innovation and Boston University form lung cancer research alliance

Johnson & Johnson Innovation announced a five-year alliance with Boston University to accelerate lung cancer research.

As part of the alliance, a Johnson & Johnson Innovation Lung Cancer Center at Boston University will be established, allowing collaboration between Boston University investigators and members of the Lung Cancer Initiative within Johnson & Johnson to develop solutions that prevent, intercept and cure lung cancer.

Avrum Spira, professor of medicine, pathology and bioinformatics at Boston University has joined Johnson & Johnson Innovation as Global Head, Lung Cancer Initiative, Johnson & Johnson, and will direct the new center.

The alliance seeks to build upon collaborative programs related to three extensive lung cancer research studies. Two studies, which involve cohorts of military personnel, seek to enable the development, integration and validation of molecular and imaging-based biomarkers to improve lung cancer detection.

In the third study, known as the pre-cancer genome atlas, investigators are defining the determinants of premalignant disease progression to enable the development of molecularly targeted interception strategies.

It is also envisioned that pilot programs developed by teams from across the Boston University ecosystem will be selected and advanced with close collaboration from Johnson & Johnson Innovation.

Through this academic-industry alliance, programs focused on the prevention, interception and curing of lung cancer will be supported.


Kochevar to retire from Colorado Cancer Center

Mark Kochevar, associate director for administration and finance at the University of Colorado Cancer Center retired on May 31, 2018, after a career of 41 years in cancer research administration. Kochevar began his career as the assistant administrative officer for the Clinical Oncology Program in the NCI’s Division of Cancer Treatment in May 1977.

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