publication date: Jun. 9, 2017

Funding Opportunities DOD publishes research opportunities in prostate cancer

The DOD prostate cancer program seeks to focus applications and direct funding on four “overarching challenges” and seven “focus areas” to address critical needs in prostate cancer research and clinical management.

Overarching Challenges:

Distinguish aggressive from indolent disease in men newly diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Develop strategies to prevent progression to lethal prostate cancer.

Develop effective treatments and address mechanisms of resistance for men with high-risk or metastatic prostate cancer.

Develop strategies to optimize the physical and mental health of men with prostate cancer.

Focus Areas:

Precision Medicine, Screening, and Surveillance,

Imaging and Targeted Radionuclide Therapy,

Therapy and Mechanisms of Resistance and Response,

Survivorship, Including Psychosocial Impact on the Patient and Family,

Tumor and Microenvironment Biology,

Data Science and Analytics,

Population Science

Additional information is posted here.

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