publication date: Apr. 28, 2017

Conversation with The Cancer Letter

No future collaborations with NantHealth are planned, U of Utah says

The Cancer Letter sent the following questions to the University of Utah and a nearly identical list of questions to Soon-Shiong’s spokesperson. Julie Kiefer, manager, scientific communications at the University of Utah, provided responses to these questions. No response was received from Soon-Shiong’s offices.



1. Does the University of Utah consider the price of whole genome sequencing and omics analysis for the Heritage 1K project offered by NantHealth to be reasonable?

2. Did companies other than NantHealth (entities unaffiliated with Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong) have an opportunity to bid on the whole genome sequencing and omics analysis for this project?

3. Why didn’t the University of Utah conduct this research in-house?


Answers to #1-3: The gift agreement contained very precise specifications regarding the quality and turn-around times of the omics facility to be used. 

The university evaluated the sequencing capabilities of NantHealth and other facilities and concluded that, at that time, NantHealth was the only facility capable of meeting the state of the art standards and specifications required under the gift agreement. The superior quality of the results of the sequencing services has confirmed this conclusion.



4. Was the deal with NantHealth or any other entity associated with Dr. Soon-Shiong a condition of a donation from Dr. Soon-Shiong?


There were no pre-conditions in the gift agreement on the selection of NantHealth for the sequencing services agreement.



5. As this research was conducted by Nant, how many of the 1,000 samples … Continue reading No future collaborations with NantHealth are planned, U of Utah says

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