publication date: Jan. 25, 2017

Brain Tumors ONC201 Glioblastoma Trial to Expand Based on Promising Initial Results

Oncoceutics announced that it will expand the ongoing study with ONC201 in recurrent glioblastoma at Massachusetts General Hospital and Dana Farber Cancer Institute with an NCI grant awarded to Oncoceutics.

Between January and April, MGH and DFCI enrolled 17 patients with glioblastoma, all of whose tumors had recurred one or more times on the standard of care therapy of radiation and chemotherapy.

Based on emerging results from these patients, the trial warrants continuation and is being expanded to allow more patients to potentially benefit. Early results show promising signs of clinical activity, including improvements in disease burden, accompanied by an exceptional safety profile and dosing regimen that causes almost no patient burden. The results of this study will be reported in detail at future scientific forums.

As part of the expansion, the trial will enroll up to 36 additional patients who have had their glioblastoma recur on temozolomide and radiotherapy. Included in this expanded study is a 6-patient cohort, who will receive ONC201 before and after surgical removal of their tumor, which will facilitate examination of the mechanism of ONC201 directly in patients’ tumors.

“Therapeutic development for brain cancers has stagnated for decades due to the complex nature of these tumors and the drug delivery limitations imposed by the blood-brain-barrier. … Continue reading CCL Jan 2017 – ONC201 Glioblastoma Trial to Expand Based on Promising Initial Results

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