publication date: Jan. 25, 2017

Lung Cancer Cota Study Suggests Some Patients Are Left Behind in Genomic Revolution

Cota, a data and technology platform for value-based precision medicine, released a lung cancer study conducted jointly with Novartis that compares real-world practice patterns of genetic testing of EGFR/ALK mutations versus published guidelines.

In lung cancer recognition of genomic mutations involving either EGFR or ALK have led to the development of specific targeted oral therapies which may improve survival outcomes. Current pathology guidelines (2013 CAP/IASLC/AMP joint guidelines) call for genomic testing for EGFR/ALK mutations in all patients with stage IV non-small cell lung cancer.

In this retrospective analysis of 696 records of patients with advanced lung cancer treated by 90 community oncologists, 257 patients (35% of total) did not undergo the guideline recommended testing. While valid reasons for not testing were identified in some, 124 patients (18% of total) received traditional chemotherapy without documented genomic testing for EGFR and ALK.

“Nearly one in five lung cancer patients received chemotherapy without appropriate testing for genomic mutations. Our study highlights a significant deviation from evidence based guidelines.  Many of these patients might have been candidates for targeted therapies that may increase average survivals,” said Stuart Goldberg, Cota’s chief medical officer. “We’re in the midst of a genomic revolution in cancer treatment, but we have to ensure that appropriate molecular diagnostic testing … Continue reading CCL Jan 2017 – Cota Study Suggests Some Patients Are Left Behind in Genomic Revolution

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