publication date: Dec. 2, 2016

Letter To The Editor Pressures Notwithstanding, MD Anderson Projects Positive Margin in Fiscal 2017

Dear Editor,

It was with disappointment that I read the Nov. 4 issue of The Cancer Letter. I feel it is my duty to respond to address inaccuracies that are not only potentially damaging to The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, but might unnecessarily scare patients who are coming to our institution for cancer care and hope.

The headline of “MD Anderson Projects $450 Million Loss in Fiscal 2017” no doubt captured the attention of readers; however, this pronouncement was not factual. MD Anderson has never been “on track” to lose the exorbitant sum reported by The Cancer Letter. Yes, we are facing financial concerns due to health care reform and reimbursement pressures–just like most other institutions around the country–but what is accurate is MD Anderson’s long-term financial health remains strong.

For those who read the story and saw the slides included, they likely wondered, “Well, from where did that information come?” As chair of MD Anderson’s Executive Clinical Operations Team Finance Committee, I created those slides for an internal leadership meeting to discuss what would happen if we did not implement changes early in our fiscal year, following a loss in the first month. The data included on those slides were hypothetical, and, without appropriate … Continue reading Pressures Notwithstanding, MD Anderson Projects Positive Margin in Fiscal 2017

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