publication date: Jul. 22, 2016

Speaking of Guns

MD Anderson Faculty, Staff Responses to Gun Survey


MD Anderson surveyed 450 faculty, trainees and staff Sept. 29 through Nov. 10, 2015, to gather their opinions on campus-carry gun laws. Here’s what they said:


“The American Medical Association has identified gun use and gun violence as a major medical problem in the US. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us as a health care institution to reflect the medical priorities and the values of those of us who have taken oaths to care for the health of others.”


“Should this law truly be implemented, it will motivate me to take the knowledge and skills that I’ve developed at MD Anderson Cancer ….”


“I think the University should fight this. If mine is a minority opinion, then I’ll go work somewhere else. But I sincerely doubt that I’m alone. There is no need for the state’s flagship university, and the world’s leading cancer center, to knuckle under to this misguided, unnecessary legislation. Civilians with guns have no purpose on campus or in patient care areas.”


“I am strongly considering leaving the institution and state of Texas when this is instituted.”


“How many of these patients are on opioids or other strong Schedule II medications? How many caregivers are stressed out about finances and how to care for their loved ones and could explode at any time? How many patients will think it’s our fault we weren’t allowed to “make their cancer history” as our advertisements suggest and perhaps take it out on the people who work here? How many of our staff have committed suicide or tried to kill someone with poison?”

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