publication date: Jul. 15, 2016

New NCI Clinical Trials Program Will Automate Matching Through Third-Party Data Software

NCI is developing an open-source application intended to make it easier for patients and physicians to get information on clinical trials supported by the institute.

Vice President Joe Biden endorsed the initiative June 29 at the National Cancer Moonshot Summit in Washington, D.C., saying it will “strengthen participation in cancer research studies to help accelerate medical discoveries and treatments for cancer.”

When the institute’s application programming interface—a set of routine definitions, protocols, and tools for building software—is completed, data companies and programmers will be able to incorporate information on NCI-sponsored trials into their bioinformatics software. This enables physicians to search NCI’s clinical trials database via a more targeted and intuitive process eventually provided by any third-party software that uses the API.

The API will pull information from all trials at NCI-designated cancer centers as well as trials conducted through the National Clinical Trials Network—about 5,000 active trials and about 10,000 trials that have completed accrual.

“The API will enable third-party innovators, including Smart Patients, Syapse, Cure Forward, and Trial Reach, to use the new cancer clinical trial API to build applications, integrations, search tools, and digital platforms tailored to individual communities that bring clinical trial information to more providers, patients, and their family members,” the … Continue reading 42-28 New NCI Clinical Trials Program Will Automate Matching Through Third-Party Data Software

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