publication date: May. 1, 2015

MD Anderson Administration Behaves as a “Financially Privileged Elitist Group”


To the Editor:

Congratulations on your outstanding article entitled “MD Anderson Execs Get Big Raises In the Midst of Faculty Morale Woes.” As a 35-year faculty member of the MD Anderson Cancer Center, now retired, I am deeply disturbed at the endangered reputation of one of the greatest institutions of its kind in the world. Every other month seems to bring some embarrassing new revelation at the hands of the current leadership. Last month, it was a scathing report by the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) that excoriated MD Anderson administration for disregard of well-established principles of academic freedom and shared governance. This month it is $251,000 and $322,000 compensation increases for two administrators, each already rewarded to the tune of over $1 million per year. This latter issue would be controversial at the best of times, particularly for state government employees, but with dwindling cancer research dollars, increased performance demands on medical and research staff, rock-bottom faculty morale, and the financial worries of suffering cancer patients and their families, it is near unconscionable. I write to clarify some comments made by MD Anderson administration regarding these issues. 

One of the questions posed by the Cancer Letter to MD Anderson officials was: “Are controls in place to ensure MD Anderson is transparent about executive salaries and that the institution receives appropriate approvals from the university system for salaries?” The response was: “Yes, there are several controls. In fact, when researching this story, you saw some of these controls. Administrative Accountability Reports are annual reports required by the state of Texas to … Continue reading 41-17 MD Anderson Administration Behaves as a “Financially Privileged Elitist Group”

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