publication date: Apr. 30, 2015

Ongoing Phase II Trial Shows Correlation Between Immune Response and Recurrence


Data from an on-going phase II trial of the AE37 breast cancer vaccine correlated local immune response to a reduction in relapse.

The goal of the study was to establish the importance of the local reaction to immunization with AE37. The controlled, randomized and single-blinded trial is comparing the ability of AE37 plus the adjuvant GM-CSF versus the GM-CSF adjuvant alone to reduce recurrence of breast cancer in early stage patients.

The study found that those patients receiving AE37 who had the largest responses (requiring reductions in the amount of GM-CSF) had a relapse rate of 5.9 percent versus a rate of 14.2 percent in those who did not require dose reduction. According to researchers, this indicates that a robust stimulation of the immune system by AE37, as evidenced by the need for dose reduction, results in positive anti-cancer activity.

The presentation was made at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research in Philadelphia.

The AE37 vaccine is designed to activate components of the immune system to combat cancer cells. Prior analyses have shown a trend toward reduction of relapse in patients receiving the vaccine, particularly those who are not eligible for the cancer drug Herceptin as well as those with triple negative breast cancer.

The distinguishing feature of AE37 is its ability to specifically … Continue reading CCL April – Ongoing Phase II Trial Shows Correlation Between Immune Response and Recurrence

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