publication date: Mar. 13, 2015

Dalton: I Don’t Know Another Place like ORIEN


The Oncology Research Information Exchange Network, a partnership of academic cancer centers, has collected data from over 120,000 patients, and recently added four institutions.

“I don’t know of another place that actually follows patients and has the patients donate all their clinical data throughout their lifetime, and tissue to be studied, and allows them the right of contacting the patient,” said Bill Dalton, CEO of M2Gen, founding director of the Moffitt Cancer Center Personalized Medicine Institute, and one of the founders of ORIEN.

Dalton spoke with Matthew Ong, a reporter with The Cancer Letter.

ORIEN was founded by Moffitt and The Ohio State Comprehensive Cancer Center. The new members are: City of Hope, University of Virginia Cancer Center, University of Colorado Cancer Center, and the University of New Mexico Cancer Center.


Matthew Ong: How was ORIEN created?

William Dalton: ORIEN was created because we realized that the nearly 100,000 patients enrolled in the Total Cancer Care protocol launched at Moffitt in 2003 and opened as a protocol in 2006, wasn’t large enough for precision, biomarker-based cancer trials. In addition to increasing the volume of the patients we could study, we also wanted to partner with other cancer centers, because of the skillsets that they would bring to the effort.

So ORIEN was created to form a partnership amongst cancer centers who are like-minded, who want to create personalized medicine, or augment what they’ve already done in personalized medicine.

The motive for members that join ORIEN is to partner with patients, and through that … Continue reading 41-10 Dalton: I Don’t Know Another Place like ORIEN

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