publication date: Feb. 20, 2015

ASCO CEO Allen Lichter Discusses CancerLinQ


Five years into the making of CancerLinQ, the American Society of Clinical Oncology is poised to become the next big player in oncology bioinformatics.

ASCO has enlisted the help of SAP, a large multinational corporation that specializes in enterprise software, to structure over 170,000 electronic medical records into a growing database that will be launched later this year.

Billed as a “physicians for physicians” product, CancerLinQ is expected to yield high quality data that only quality research proposals can access.

The Cancer Letter asked ASCO CEO Allen Lichter to describe the inner workings of CancerLinQ, and what sets it apart in a competitive EMR market.

“We believe that the quality of medical care is a physician responsibility,” Lichter said. “Therefore, the quality of oncology care is the responsibility of the physician professionals who care for the patients.

“The professional society that organizes oncology physicians is ASCO. And therefore it’s not a big leap to say this work is fundamental to ASCO, and to the field of oncology. The quality of cancer care is something that the profession has to take ownership of.”

Lichter spoke with Matthew Ong, a reporter with The Cancer Letter.


Matthew Ong: What is CancerLinQ’s business model? Is it for profit, and who are CancerLinQ’s target consumers?

Allen Lichter: Practices will use this system to monitor the quality of their care, understand their practice better from an administrative perspective, and together we will gain new insights from the aggregated data to make care better and more personalized.

CancerLinQ remains inside ASCO, which is … Continue reading 41-07 ASCO CEO Allen Lichter Discusses CancerLinQ

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