publication date: Feb. 20, 2015

ASCO’s Multi-Million Big Data Project Aspires to be the “Bedrock” of Oncology


The CancerLinQ database of electronic health records is going through testing at 15 practices, and will be made available for research projects later this year.

The database, launched and operated by the American Society of Clinical Oncology, was designed to pool millions of physician and patient records from practices and hospitals.

The professional society is investing $15 million to $20 million per year in the project.

CancerLinQ is expected to use patient care data from these records to provide feedback and clinical decision support to care providers. When the system is completed, doctors will be able to receive personalized insights based on up-to-date findings.

The database would also be geared to answer research questions.

“We can envision a process where investigators will pose a question, and we’ll apply for a set of reports relative to the question at hand,” ASCO CEO Allen Lichter said to The Cancer Letter. “This would be, I would imagine, reviewed by some independent group, and for those proposals that are considered meritorious, a price will be set to cover our costs of pooling the data and doing the analysis, and we will be sending those reports on to the investigator.

“I expect that not every proposal will be considered meritorious, but we do feel that it’s important to set a standard and a threshold for working with CancerLinQ data,” Lichter said.

A conversation with Lichter appears on p. 8.

Work on CancerLinQ began in 2010, with an estimated … Continue reading 41-07 ASCO’s Multi-Million Big Data Project Aspires to be the “Bedrock” of Oncology

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