publication date: Oct. 31, 2014

Past Coverage of NCI Cancer Center Grants


Working Group Proposes “Equitable” Schema For Determining Cancer Center Core Grants

A panel of the National Cancer Advisory Board proposed a more systematic and flexible approach to distributing money to cancer centers.

Critics say that the NCI centers program—especially now that it has been scaled down and capped as a result of decreasing funding and sequestration— favors established, older centers, and holds down the smaller and younger members of the club.


NCI Rethinks Cancer Center Grants

NCI is moving toward adopting a formula that will fundamentally restructure the manner in which cancer centers are funded.

The new approach, developed by a working group of the National Cancer Advisory Board, seeks to eliminate the advantage that comes with a center’s longevity in the program.

As it stands, just being in the centers program for many cycles can build up an institution’s funding base. This favors older centers.

Two years ago, smaller and emerging cancer centers asked the institute to restructure this mechanism two years ago, and NCAB formed an ad hoc working group to consider alternative formulas for funding.


NCI to Implement More Transparent Formula For Calculating Cancer Center Support Grants

NCI took another step toward adopting a new formula for determining the size of cancer center support grants, with the National Cancer Advisory Board accepting a report from a working group that has been working on the problem since the fall of 2012.

The schema proposed by the working group was accepted by the advisory board at its meeting June 23. It recommends broad organizing principles rather than specific numbers.

It’s now up to NCI officials to put together the funding formula and make plans for implementation.

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