publication date: Sep. 26, 2014

Past Coverage of the MD Anderson Network

New Jersey Center To Have Two Alliances: One With CINJand One With MD Anderson

MD Anderson Cancer Center and Cooper University Health Care of Camden, N.J., signed a letter of intent to create a $100 million Cooper-MD Anderson cancer center. The co-branded 103,000-square-foot cancer institute is slated to open in October.
The flow of funds between the institutions is still being negotiated, and transactional documents haven’t been finalized, said Dan Fontaine, MD Anderson senior vice president for business affairs and chief regulatory officer. Generally, such arrangements are designed to generate funds for MD Anderson.

Orlando Hospital Severs MD Anderson Ties, Forming Center with University of Florida

The name of the distant, venerable cancer center will vanish from Orlando’s skyline. The distinctive red swoosh that symbolically negates the word “cancer” will be gone also.

Orlando Health and MD Anderson have been in a long-distance relationship for 23 years, but over the past two years, the Florida institution has been exploring other options, ultimately forming a bond with the University of Florida in Gainesville.

“Confidential and Proprietary” Document Proposes Plan for National Network

You might think of this as an event isolated to Columbus or central Ohio:

On Feb. 7, OhioHealth, a health system that operates not-for-profit, faith-based hospitals in central Ohio and competes with Ohio State University, said it would join the outreach network of MD Anderson Cancer Center, located almost 1,200 miles away.

Yet, this seemingly local event is just the latest manifestation of an aggressive national strategy being executed by MD Anderson as it seeks to strengthen its brand, develop national reach, and grow its revenues by striking affiliation deals.

These efforts are guided, at least in part, by a business plan created under a $1.6 million contract with McKinsey & Company, a consulting firm often engaged by financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and various other multinational corporations.

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