publication date: Aug. 8, 2014

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NCI Launches NCORP with 53 Grants Totaling $465 Million

NCI awarded 53 five-year grants for multi-site clinical trials and care delivery research studies through the NCI Community Oncology Research Program. The program will provide $93 million each year.

The new program will have an expanded portfolio of clinical trials and other studies, including an emphasis on cancer care delivery research, which will focus on social, financing, technological and other factors that affect access to and quality of care.

NCORP replaces two previous NCI community-based clinical research programs: the NCI Community Clinical Oncology Program and the NCI Community Cancer Centers Program. NCORP will also align with the National Clinical Trials Network. Ongoing clinical trials will be incorporated into NCORP and will continue to completion, according to NCI.

The NCORP awards will support seven research bases functioning as hubs for the network. The bases will design and conduct trials, and provide overall administration and data management. The remaining awards will support 34 community sites in accruing trial participants, and performing quality of life studies and care delivery research. The awards will also fund 12 additional minority or underserved community sites, which will focus on patient populations consisting of at least 30 percent racial or ethnic minorities or rural residents.

This is a decline in the number of locations funded by CCOP, which supported 11 research bases, 47 community sites, and 16 minority-based sites. The NCCCP network contained 21 community hospital-based cancer centers.

NCORP-funded sites include:

Research Bases:

• Alliance

• Children’s … Continue reading 40-32 NCI Launches NCORP with 53 Grants Totaling $465 Million

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