publication date: Jun. 27, 2014


NCI Prepares for Intramural Program Review

Varmus’s Joint BSA-NCAB Meeting Remarks – June 23, 2014.

NCI has received some relief from sequestration, and the budget cuts will be adjusted proportionally, Director Harold Varmus said at the joint meeting of the National Cancer Advisory Board and the Board of Scientific Advisors June 23.

“The FY 14 budget is not very dissimilar from last year’s budget,” Varmus said. “We had relief from sequestration. We have correspondingly reduced the level of cuts we have imposed on both competitive and non-competitive awards. We expect to be awarding roughly the same number of RPGs, research project grants, as we did in FY 13.”

In his remarks, Varmus said the institute is preparing for NIH-wide review of the intramural program, which is aimed at developing a 10-year campus-wide plan.

“The NCI has taken this charge quite seriously, and not trying to avoid simply delivering pablum about the traditional virtues of having an intramural program instead digging into a number of important questions,” Varmus said. “What kinds of new or continuing scientific initiatives deserve support, because they have special features of the intramural program, the Clinical Center and existing networks of investigators, and special facilities that make those programs particularly suitable for intramural research.

“We are all a little nervous about what will be said when NCI efforts to represent a very large fraction of the overall intramural program: 40 percent of the clinical center activity, the only epidemiological program of great size, and a very large intramural basic research program, run largely within the Center for Cancer Research.”

NCI’s spending on the intramural program … Continue reading 40-26 NCI Prepares for Intramural Program Review

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