publication date: May. 2, 2014


Officials Open to Fine-tuning Group Budgets As Advocates Chip Away at NCTN’s Façade
By Paul Goldberg

ABRAMS: You are right that we do not want to see trials that a lot of time and effort has been put into, and patients have joined, and then don’t meet their enrollment goals. We have to do more, and we’ve recognized that.

We’ve spent a lot of time recently working on moving a trial quickly from its scientific concept to actually opening. Now we are going to shift our emphasis—now that we have timelines for that first stage—to working on better strategies on how to enroll, looking fro trials that may be excellent scientifically but may be hard to do, and work on strategies to improve enrollment.

Fortunately, in each of the network groups, we have a lot of patient advocates, we have people who are trained in this field, and we have now people trained at NCI in this field, who are willing to work as a team to come up with better strategies to improve the results of this trial.

And I am pleased to say that one of the first ones you will see roll out with a much better enrollment package will be the new lung map trial that’s going to be done by SWOG. I think you will be impressed when you see the work that the professionals have put into making sure that enrollment on this trial is brisk, and that patients across the country are aware of this trial, as well as their doctors.

And we hope to use that type of effort to really improve our other … Continue reading 40-18 NCTN’s Facade 3

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