publication date: May. 2, 2014


Officials Open to Fine-tuning Group Budgets As Advocates Chip Away at NCTN’s Façade
By Paul Goldberg

ABRAMS: OK, so I understand a little bit differently what you intended now.

One thing that I can tell you is throughout the IOM report, they did talk about back office and front office consolidation of cooperative groups, and streamlining, so I think that the RFA, the new program that we put out did accomplish a streamlining and a consolidation of the networked groups.

It also talked about doing better science, and that was the goal of funding the ITSes, and having the ancillary science program that I mentioned for biomarkers and quality of life. So we have those programs, we have them funded, they are up and running.

In addition, they talked about efficiency. There was a lot of emphasis on efficiency. We have worked hard on bringing efficiency to the system in many different ways.

I’ll just name a few of them right now. But we do have a single data capture system for all the sites. The Medidata Rave system, with the help of many in the network groups, has been implemented over the past several years, and is now the way we do our clinical trials.

That’s a big improvement over the past, where every group had a different system. In addition, we now have an operational efficiency working group timeline for every single protocol that comes in, whereby phase III protocols have to be implemented within 15 months, and phase I and IIs within 12 months.

That’s a major improvement over the way … Continue reading 40-18 NCTN’s Facade 2

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