publication date: Dec. 3, 2013
20131203_6 - Dec. 3, 2013
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Wicha to Leave Director’s Job at UMich

Conversation with The Cancer Letter: Max Wicha

After 27 years and six NCI cancer center support grants, Max Wicha announced he would step down as director of the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center.

“Frankly, my research is really going well now,” Wicha said in a Q&A with The Cancer Letter. “It’s in a very exciting phase in researching cancer stem cells. My lab has grown—and my work is now moving into the clinic, so I’m actually working with our clinical people to do clinical trials targeting cancer stem cells. 

“So the idea of five more years, or do I get to really focus on my research now? That was really the deciding factor. 

“So it’s time. Again, six core grants is quite a number.”


More than 230,000 people—including 82 Texas state lawmakers—petitioned BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. to provide its investigational drug to an Austin attorney afflicted with stage IIIC ovarian cancer.

photoIn Brief

  • Lynne Penberthy named NCI DCCPS associate director for surveillance

  • Michele Bloch appointed chief of NCI Tobacco Control Research Branch

  • MD Anderson’s James Allison named 2013 Innovations Award winner in Bioscience by The Economist

  • European Commission approves Yervoy for first-line treatment of adult unresectable or metastatic melanoma

  • FDA approves generic Morphine Sulfate Injection

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