publication date: Nov. 23, 2010

Duke University issued the following press release Nov. 19:


Duke Accepts Potti Resignation; Retraction Process Initiated with Nature Medicine 
DURHAM, NC — Anil Potti, MD, has voluntarily resigned from his positions as associate professor of medicine at Duke University School of Medicine and at the university’s Institute for Genome Science & Policy.  Dr. Potti’s resignation is effective immediately. 

In addition, Dr. Potti’s collaborator, Joseph Nevins, Ph.D., has initiated a process intended to lead to a retraction request regarding a paper previously published in Nature Medicine.  This process has been initiated due to concerns about the reproducibility of reported predictors, and their possible effect on the overall conclusions in this paper.  Other papers published based on this science are currently being reviewed for any concerns. 

The three clinical trials based on this science for which new enrollment was suspended in mid-July, have been closed. 


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